Welcome to ASAPP

What Is ASAPP?

ASAPP is Alberta’s Association of Private Practice Speech-Language Pathologists. We provide the public with a Private Practice Roster that is easy to use and specifically tailored to help you find the perfect SLP near you.

Every member on the list is registered with the Alberta College of Speech-Language Pathologists (www.acslpa.ab.ca), holds a current practice permit and has a minimum of 3 years experience.

What is an SLP?

Speech-Language Pathologists are university-educated, clinically trained and registered health care professionals who help people having problems communicating. They provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment to people of all ages. SLPs work with people who have trouble with: learning to talk, pronouncing words, finding words, listening, understanding, using their voice correctly, stuttering, feeding and swallowing, reading and writing, and learning. They also treat communication problems related to hearing loss, stroke, head injury, neurological disorders and developmental disorders (including Autism, Down Syndrome, etc.)

“Working with a private SLP has been an amazing experience. Not only does she provide treatment for my son but she also teaches me how to help him. He has made more progress than he ever did at school.