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Call for Membership – 2019!

Exciting news! There will be call for membership on November 15th.

Last year there were concerns that ASAPP might not have a role to play because ACSLPA has decided to list Private SLPs on their roster. However, at the AGM the new board and members discussed many ways that our organization is still valuable. Some of these reasons include:

  1. Our private practice roster is already well known across Alberta.
  2. Even though ACSLPA will list us, their site is aimed at professionals and is not tailored to families and the public.
  3. Our website will be revamped to be even more modern and user friendly
  4. Members value the opportunities to have meetings aimed at sharing information, professional development,  discussing latest trends and supporting one-another.
  5. ASAPP provides a means for private SLPs all across Alberta to come together.
  6. ASAPP as an organization will strive to provide marketing for Private SLPs.

If members have ideas of any roles or services that ASAPP could fulfill, we want to hear from you!

The new board is looking  forward to a new year of collaboration! 

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