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Introducing the Test of Early Language and Literacy (TELL)

The developers of the TELL (Dr. Phillips and Dr. Hayward) will provide information about a new language and literacy assessment for young children ages 3 to 8. We will provide an overview of the TELL, discuss its flexible testing options, and utility in assessment, and advocate monitoring of language and literacy skills important for school success. 

TELL is a comprehensive assessment of language and literacy designed to determine whether children are at risk of school failure and to identify areas of strength and weakness.Read More >>

Alberta Aphasia Knowledge Exchange Day

SAVE THE DATE and join us on Saturday, June 4, 2016, in Calgary at the Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured (ARBI).

This event is an education opportunity for all rehabilitation professionals interested in programs and services for Albertans living with aphasia.… Read More >>

Kids Communicate and Behave Better — Learning From and Adapting Strategies

My first speech-language session with 3-year old energetic, dynamic and enthusiastic Chris, went something like this…

  • Rock on a chair and fling toys across the table–break out into a “fit of rage”
  • Scream and pound himself on the floor–dump out a bin of toys
  • Lash out violently at mom when she tried to calm him down

There was so much noise and commotion coming from my home office; I worried my neighbors may call the police.… Read More >>

IN MEMORY of Diane Freedman, R.SLP

It is with much sadness that the ASAPP Board shares the news of Diane Freedman’s passing on July 5, 2013.  Her funeral was in Calgary on July 8, 2013. Her family – her husband Laurence, her children and grandchildren – were very important to her, and our hearts go out to them at this difficult time.… Read More >>

Up With Sounds!

“Up with Sounds!” is a week-long summer camp run by two registered Speech-Language Pathologists. Children and caregivers participate together in a fun, interactive, play-based learning environment. The focus is on supporting caregivers as they learn strategies to help their children improve their sounds and speak more clearly.… Read More >>